Unica V12.1 The Industry Series

The "Unica Industry Series" is a video series hosted by Paul Erickson, North American Solutions Delivery Leader for Unica. Join Paul and his guests as they explore how Unica is being used by retailers, banks, insurance companies, and others to solve the typical challenges that marketers in those industries face. Specifically, Paul will explore how Unica drives use cases such as prospecting, lead nurturing, cross-selling, onboarding, and driving deeper engagement.

The "Unica Industry Series" is intended for marketing strategists, planners, and other customer experience professionals…to help them to understand how Unica can be used to create and manage results-driven customer outcomes. The HCL Unica team is here to assist; questions, concerns, ideas for another video. Please reach out to us in the chat window hosted on every video page. Our team is here to help your Unica team.