Unica V12.1 & V12.1.03 Fall Release, Broadcasts and Replays

Unica is taking Precision Marketing@Scale to the Next Level.

Welcome to the Unica V12.1 Events and Replays Page. This is where you will find the Unica V12.1 event pages, schedule, and registration information. To access your specific content, please select your geo location by clicking on the appropriate globe above. Keep in mind that during the Live Broadcasts, the CHAT will be responded to in real-time. If you happen to miss out on a live broadcast, please post your comments and questions during replays – they will be forwarded back to the presenters and will be answered within one business day. Enjoy!

Unica is taking Precision Marketing@Scale to the Next Level - The Unica V12.1 Integrated Cloud-Native Platform includes Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, Unica Link, Goal-Based Marketing, more consumable pricing, & QuickStart offerings.

Cloud-Native – Customers want more than a fixed single vendor cloud SAS solution. Our Cloud-native Dockerized solution, Unica is completely premise agnostic, easier for IT to support and manage, and faster to deploy and upgrade.

Integrated Platform – This release represents the most open integrated marketing platform in the industry with over 500+ APIs, the new Unica Link module, and native integration between all seven Unica modules.

Goal-Based Marketing – Goal-based marketing with Unica Journey is explicitly designed for today’s marketer. Marketers today are focused on defining, creating, and measuring goals on the fly. Unica is uniquely positioned to deliver this in a powerful and flexible Goal-Based marketing solution that is easily integrated, quickly deployed with Cloud Native scalability.

Unica Platform - The Unica V12.1 platform has simplified pricing that enhances access with more capability, less complexity, and a lower TCO for our customers.

Quick Start Offerings - QuickStart offerings can deliver an operational Goal-Based Marketing solution in as little as 30 days, provide more for less with our Deliver deployment solution, or migrate you to the cloud with our Sail to the Cloud offering.

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