Just three months after releasing Unica V12.0, our amazing engineering and product management teams have released Unica V12.1! All of us on the Unica Professional Services team are extremely excited about the new capabilities. We can’t wait to show Unica end-users everything they will now be enabled to do… but since we can’t cover everything in one article, here’s the rundown!

We’re going to illustrate how Unica V12.1 harnesses the power of the number 4. This means we’re going to show you 4 key features of our new integrated cloud-native platform and 4 functions that make each of the 4 features work!

Key Features:

  1. Goal-Based Marketing orchestrated by Unica Journey.
  2. Digital Execution at Scale powered by Unica Deliver.
  3. Integration Made Easy with Unica Link.
  4. Of course, let’s not forget – there is more with Unica 12.1
    1. A/B Testing and FlexOffers with Interact.
    2. Workflow simplified & more powerful, plus REST API Swagger with Plan.

Here’s a link to entire blog entry:


We’ll be posting videos for each of these elements in the coming weeks so please stop back often so you can see all 12!